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Broadcast & Web Video Solutions

Mission Critical and High Value

The name says it all! We are the video and portal hosting platform for EO.development, you can visit us at EO.development for a full description of what mobile-ready web solutions and development services we offer.

H4V Base v3

Our third-generation mobile-ready HTML5 video embedding solution, built to support today's live and on-demand video content. H4V Base v3 makes it easier than ever to leverage our legacy, first launched in 2004, of internal and external enterprise video and audio communication via the Internet.

Our set of solutions is platform and format independent supporting the current technologies like HLS and MPEG-DASH while maintaining support for formats such as FLV and MP4.

Use your own favorite Content Delivery Network (CDN) or join us using ours.

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MPEG-4 480P Format - 16x9 Responsive Embedding

H4V Protect

Pro and Enterprise clients use H4V Protect to create their own Blacklist to globally restrict access and unlimited Whitelists to manage access control to each H4V Base Event using individual IP addresses and IP/CIDR address ranges

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H4V Access

Pro and Enterprise clients can create Time-based Private and Public Access Tokens that allow recipients to view an event for a client-specified time period, Public Tokens override all access control except Blacklist for any IP Address and Private Tokens override all access control except Blacklist for a limited number of unspecified IP Addresses

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Low-Bandwidth m4v Format - 4x3 Responsive Embedding

H4V Group

Pro and Enterprise clients can create a simple group of users that can create and manage a pool of events

H4V Auto Switch

H4V Base Player can automatically present unique video sources for Mobile and Non-Mobile viewers

Smooth Start

Live Events can be joined prior to scheduled time and H4V Base Player will automatically acquire stream when it goes live, without user interaction, and present client-defined in-player information in the interim

Gate Rush Protection

Randomly distribute H4V Base Player live stream acquisition to avoid Gate Rush effect caused by large audiences attempting to start live streams precisely at a scheduled time

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