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Host4Video's self-published 3rd generation webcasts deliver simply branded or embedded interfaces for local or remote-hosted live and on-demand video content. Using a single HTML5 video player that works seemlessly across desktop and mobile browsers, H4V Base fits your need for mobile-first or responsive design strategies.


No Javascript trickery! Simple and pure CSS for responsive embedding.

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Quick and Easy setup! Include Live and Video on Demand content (fixed size or responsive) in your website. H4V Base has done all the work so you can reap the benefits of world class video delivery!

Try it. Embed it. Watch it. 
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H4V Base supports a special poster image - called a slate - which is typically used to inform audiences of what is upcoming. A slate appears in the body of the video player until H4V Base automatically starts playing the video based on the Live Event Start Time. Viewers no longer need to maniacally refresh their player in anticipation.

Gate Rush Protection

Gate Rush is a phenomenon during very large events where users swamp streaming servers with requests as they continuously refresh their players waiting for an event to start. H4V Base randomly distributes player requests across a dynamic delay range to balance audience demand providing smoother event starts.

Branded Events

H4V Base Branded Events are standalone web pages hosted at H4V that allow users to wrap their video content with a title, description, footer, logo as well as setting the background and text colors.

Additionally, users may choose to publish an embed link allowing viewers to embed the event in their own blogs, websites, or social media feeds. The link is visible in the footer of the branded event.

NOTE: branded events, when embedded, revert to player only display.

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